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About Shook & Stone

At Shook & Stone, we are thoroughly committed to achieving results for our clients in all their Social Security disability issues. We have established a lasting reputation lawyers who passionately pursue results for our clients. Our firm is dedicated to providing the best possible legal representation that can be found. In all areas of Social Security disability situations, whether that includes appealing the claim, mental disorders, or supplemental security income, our firm can help you. We cover a large range of practice areas involving issues with Social Security disability.

Our Attributes

Each area of our practice can be executed in an aggressive and passionate matter. When we handle a case, we fully pursue a just settlement by putting to use our 85 years of combined experience. We understand that each case can be entirely different than all others. Our firm has the requisite experience to help our clients through each aspect of his or her case. Our experience also allows us to pull experience and ideas from past cases to build one that appropriately suits your situation. We have won more than ten0 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients and are prepared to further this accomplishment through our work on your case.

Each of our attorneys and support staff fully understand all of the issues related to Social Security disability cases and how these issues can affect our clients. With this, we are able to offer our clients complete and comprehensive legal representation. We can provide counsel, guidance and support to you if you have a situation involving any aspect of Social Security disability, including benefits that you are entitled to after an incident.

Personal Representation

When you work with Shook & Stone, you will have direct contact and access to our attorneys who are dedicated to serving you. Our clients also have access to an experienced and professional staff team that is comprehensively familiar with the issues our clients are facing as they conquer this Social Security disability situation. We have former Social Security Administration employees on our team who are experienced in handling these difficult and often complex cases.

At Shook & Stone, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice. Mr. Shook is a member of the State bar of Nevada Client Security Fund Committee, which has dedicated its practice to providing financial awards to clients who had attorneys that misappropriated their funds. Our firm guarantees that each client can receive the care and attention that they deserve from a law firm. Therefore, we are very selective in the cases that we accept. Our attorneys are active in professional organizations all throughout the community because we are dedicated to those we serve within our community. If you or a loved one has been denied Social Security disability, please contact our firm at your earliest convenience!

We're Here to Help No Fees Unless We Win.

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