Do I Need An Attorney?

Do I Need An Attorney?

How Lawyer Representation Can Benefit Your SSD Claim

Many people choose to go the Social Security disability (SSD) process alone or they choose a non-attorney representative for assistance, so why should someone choose to have an attorney represent them? There are many added benefits to attorney representation, and Shook & Stone is able to assist. Any individual seeking disability benefits can visit their local Social Security Administration (SSA) office and apply on their own and some individuals choose knowledgeable and even other licensed professionals to assist in the initial filing and claims process. Although it is possible, there are many things that a non-attorney representative cannot do.

The initial application for SSD benefits can be accomplished with the help of a Reno Social Security disability lawyer from Shook & Stone. People who file on their own may make mistakes or fail to completely fill out the application. Even minor mistakes can severely slow down the application process and in many cases, this can ultimately contribute to cases being denied. The statistic rests at nearly 70 percent of claimants who are denied benefits. Many of these people will then wish to appeal their claim at a hearing, but attending a hearing without an attorney can leave that person at risk for being denied the benefits that they actually deserve.

Another added benefit of attorney representation for your SSD claim comes by understanding that this is an extremely intricate and complex area of the law. SSD deals with federal codes and federal case law. Attorneys will be familiar with this type of case, and Shook & Stone believes that they actually provide better representation than non-attorney representatives. Our lawyers are trained to understand and interpret the law in such a way as to secure deserved benefits for our clients.

The last major benefit that we see in hiring an attorney for your case is that non-attorney representatives can only go so far in the appeals process. If a claim is denied, only an attorney can take a case to Federal District Court. If a lawyer is not representing you, then your case may have to stop prematurely. Our firm is familiar with the SSA's four levels of appeal.

According to the SSA, these levels are:

  1. Reconsideration
  2. ALJ Hearing
  3. Appeals Council Review
  4. Federal Court Review

What will it cost me to hire Shook & Stone?

There are also financial benefits to hiring an attorney for your SSD case. This is because the federal government decides how much a representative can take as payment for their services. There is a "cap" that prevents attorneys from asking beyond a certain amount for representation, so clients can be confident that they will never be charged too much. If you would like to learn more about these caps and how they would apply in your particular case, please contact our firm directly.

If you're looking to put years of legal experience on your side when it comes to your disability case, don't hesitate to contact a Reno Social Security disability attorney from our firm. Shook & Stone can assist you throughout the entirety of the process with the skill, dedication and experience that only a legal professional could possess. Over the years our firm has won millions of dollars on behalf of clients much like yourself. To learn more about attorney representation, call today!

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