Have You Been Denied Benefits?

Denied Social Security Benefits?

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits, it is important to remember that you are not alone. With the large number of Americans applying for Social Security benefit claims every year, the selection process only chooses a fraction of those who have applied. Approximately three out of every ten Americans will apply for Social Security disability benefits in their lifetime. Out of that large pool of those who apply, approximately two out of three are denied. Social Security disability benefits can be denied by the Social Security Administration for a number of reasons, but one factor to remember when applying is that with the large number of applicants, there is only enough time to make a quick and sharp decision.

Reasons for Denial

There are two primary reasons that Social Security disability benefit applicants get denied. The first one is because of insufficient documentation. If the applicant does not give enough information for the claim, they will be instantly denied without a second thought. Another reason an applicant can be denied is because the information provided is not clear. If the individual assessing the application is unable to clearly understand the situation, they will not take the time to try to figure it out, but will instead instantly deny the applicant. Other reasons that an applicant can be denied include:

  • Lack of eligibility
  • Too much income
  • Disability will not last long
  • The SSA cannot contact you
  • You refuse to cooperate
  • You fail to follow therapy
  • Disability based on addiction
  • Criminal conviction
  • You commit fraud

A claim can be denied for the simple reason of keeping the SSD benefit amounts low. For those who are already receiving Social Security disability benefits, their claim can later be minimized or even denied if it is reconsidered. For those who rely on the disabled's income, being denied Social Security disability benefits can cause serious problems. In this situation, it is important to call upon the help of an effective lawyer for assistance.

Appealing the Claim

Social Security disability benefit claims are denied far more often than they are accepted. It is valuable to not give up hope, but instead appeal a denial with the assistance of a lawyer from our firm. Even in the appeals process, a claim can be quickly denied and given no further thought. If your Social Security disability benefit claim has been denied, it is essential to enlist the help of a lawyer who understands the process. At Shook & Stone, we know how to handle these situations to optimize your chance of obtaining benefits. If you are looking to be reconsidered, a disability hearing is available upon request within 60 days. This process can allow new evidence to be brought to the forefront. If you want to get the most favorable results possible, contact a lawyer from our firm. We can stand by you through this process!

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