Denied SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability Denials

Causes for Denial of a Social Security Disability Claim

An individual must meet very strict requirements in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Thousands upon thousands of individuals file for disability every year, but many of these claims are fraudulent. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has consequently cracked down on claims and will reject anyone who has omitted information, provided false information, or failed to file on time.

A person must also be able to prove that they are disabled in order to receive benefits. On average, a person's condition should be expected to prevent them from returning to work for at least 12 months in order for them to be eligible for Social Security disability. Their condition, whether a physical impairment or a mental disorder, must also be recognized as a disability by the SSA.

My claim was denied. What can I do?

There are occasions where valid claims are wrongfully or mistakenly denied. If your claim was denied and you believe that you qualify for SSD benefits, hire a Social Security disability attorney right away and appeal your denial. You have every right to request reconsideration or take your case to court in order to argue on your behalf. A lawyer will have the knowledge and skill to maximize your outcome.

Fight a Denial with Legal Guidance

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