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Shook & Stone is certainly committed to results, but we are also highly committed to overall client satisfaction. We strive to represent clients with open and honest communication that fosters trust and confidence. This is just one more way that Shook & Stone is raising the bar for Social Security disability representation. To view what other clients have said about our firm, read the testimonials below!

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    Very Satisfied

    The employees were very helpful and answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied with the work that was done at Shook & Stone.David Francis

    Respectful, Caring & Considerate

    The staff at Shook & Stone were respectful, caring & considerate.Judith Gabriel

    I would never consider using another attorney!

    Over 2 years ago, I was denied Social Security disability income by the S. S. Administration. Leonard Stone won the case for me. The staff really worked in team fashion to assist me in the long, grueling process. Someone was always there for me. They always returned calls. I really don’t know how to thank all of you in the Social Security dept. for getting me through the struggle. I would never consider using another attorney – as far as I’m concerned Shook & Stone are my attorneys.Sharon Golding

    Shook & Stone treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism!

    After having a rather disappointing encounter and exchange with a large, nationally known, disability advocate firm, I was ready to give in to the disability system. A friend from high school advised me to try again and advised me to “Try someone local.” I saw Shook & Stone’s commercial on television and gave them a call. Quite frankly, I didn’t have very high expectations after being treated so poorly by the big boys of disability firms. From the first phone call, through the final (and successful) conclusion of my disability claim, everyone at Shook & Stone treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. I was never treated like I was just a pay day to them. All of the people at Shook & Stone, from the front desk to the back offices of the attorneys, always made me feel that they had my best interests at heart. I was never made to feel like they just wanted to get me out of the there and onto someone else. I would highly recommend the firm of Shook & Stone to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal services.Garthe B. Banks

    They are a group committed to their clients.

    I found Shook & Stone from their ad on the television. I have never met such friendly people. Whenever I needed help the staff provided it. They made me feel important. The Workers Comp staff never mislead me and always provided me with updated information and support. They were fabulous! I would recommend Shook & Stone to anyone who needs help. They are a group committed to their clients.Gerard Sessa

    Informative, Straightforward, and Well-Versed

    I recommend Shook & Stone for several reasons. All staff members are professional, courteous, and diligent. Upon contacting them to represent me for my SSI/SSD hearing, they sent a staff member to my residence who was informative, straightforward, and well-versed in SSI/SSD information. Brandon Wright was my attorney. He was polite, sensitive to my pain, and eloquent, before, during, and after the hearing. I would use Shook & Stone again, and recommend them to anyone needing representation for all types of injury and disability claims. A special thanks, again, to Brandon Wright, part of Shook & Stone’s superior team!Stephanie Pyzer

    I was treated as if I was their only client!

    I recommend Shook & Stone because when I became a client, I was at the end of my rope. I am in pain on a daily basis and doctors treated me like a person that did not know my own body. The people at Shook & Stone listened to me, even when they were busy. I know that the firm has many clients, but I was treated as if I was the only one. Even when I called to just vent my frustrations and fears, there was always someone to talk with. There was never a time when someone had to call me back. Which, I appreciated and I mean that from the bottom to the top of my heart. Shook & Stone never once treated me like an outcast of society, they seemed to understand I never wanted this to happen to me, but since it had they gave me the help that I needed and most importantly Shook & Stone gave me HOPE. Thank you for listening and most of all caring. Words would never be able to express my gratitude.Cassandra Marie Jones

    Shook & Stone made my life a lot easier!

    My parents had been former clients of Shook & Stone and highly recommended the firm. I was going through a horrible experience and Shook & Stone made my life a lot easier by helping to ease the angst and frustration I was experiencing. The Workers' Comp staff were extremely kind and helpful. I see them as guards who protected me in my time of need.Dawn Strickland

    Excellent Representation

    From our first meeting I was deeply impressed with the sense of caring and compassion for my medical issues shown by Shook & Stone staff. When I came into their offices I had already been dealing with Social Security for over two years, through an initial filing and into the appeals process. The staff quickly perceived the interrelatedness of many symptoms and how they prevented my return to work. Attorney Diane Haar provided excellent representation during the rules conference hearing before a judge in Houston, Texas. The staff at Shook & Stone took all my phone calls and answered all my questions, even during the difficult period of waiting for the judge’s ruling. I would not hesitate to recommend Shook & Stone to friends and familyDave Hargreaves

    They are truly great people!

    The employees at Shook & Stone are absolutely wonderful. They are truly great people. The staff is helpful, efficient, and very comforting. I went through hell for 2 years and they gave me hope all the way through it. Whenever I hear someone having a legal problem I tell them to go to Shook & Stone. It really makes a big difference when you have someone fighting on your side.Sherry Ortega

    Godsend and was very patient with me from beginning to end!

    I would highly recommend Shook & Stone in a heartbeat! Richard Aranosian was a godsend and was very patient with me from beginning to end making me feel comfortable and at ease with my case. He was very informative in answering my question and would return my phone calls in a timely manner. When it was time for my hearing Heidi was awesome! She went over with me on what to expect at my hearing and therefore making the process easierPaul R. Peters

    Very Professional & Extremely Helpful!

    Shook & Stone is a very good law firm. The employees were very professional and extremely helpful. They helped me and now I will advise anybody that needs help to go to Shook & Stone.Patricia Jones

    The Social Security Department was fantastic and Mr. Stone was phenomenal!

    I cannot say enough good things about Shook & Stone. The Social Security Department was fantastic and Mr. Stone was phenomenal. My case was handled with precision and in a timely fashion. The employees at Shook & Stone were very helpful and even gave me suggestions on where to get my medications. I think Shook & Stone is top notch and I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs help.Hal Watner

    I could call-in or walk-in and they would see me.

    S & S staff took my case after I was denied only one time. S & S staff filed all the complicated paperwork. S & S staff always had someone there who could answer my questions. I could call-in or walk-in and they would see me. S & S staff told me what to expect before we went to court and also after court. S & S staff even let me know what I could expect in the future. S & S staff settled my case quicker than I expected. I would definitely recommend S & S to anyone I come across who might be looking for an attorneyTimothy Baker

    Thank you so much for all your help.

    Shook & Stone was very helpful with my disability claim. Right from the start they were there for me, telling me what was going on at every turn. They were always there to answer any questions. Shook & Stone did everything to help my case, and had any and all information needed to go to my hearing. Therefore, my case was resolved in my favor in less than 3 weeks. Thank you so much for all your help. I would recommend you to everyone I know.Mary Watson

    Shook & Stone was absolutely fabulous!

    My experience at Shook & Stone was absolutely fabulous. I would trust Leonard Stone with any lawsuits that may come in the future. The staff was fantastic!Michael Hadlock

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    By retaining a Social Security disability lawyer from our firm, you raise your chances of obtaining fair benefits for your disability. We have handled all kinds of disability claims and work relentlessly to ensure that our clients receive the payment they need. Without SSD benefits, you could suffer from severe financial hardship due to lack of income and high medical expenses, so do not hesitate to get legal representation right away. Our firm is always affordable due to our contingency fees and we offer a free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose, so contact us today at (888) 662-2013 or visit our offices to speak with an experienced attorney right away!

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