What Benefits are Available to You?

Social Security Benefits

What am I entitled to in Social Security benefits?

If you have suffered from an injury or illness that has made it absolutely impossible to return to work, you will need to find a way to support yourself and any dependents. At Shook & Stone, we can help make you aware of the benefits you are entitled to and can help you obtain these awards. The Social Security Administration (SSA) specifies the requirements for those who can receive Social Security benefits. As long as you have been unable to work for a year or more and are expecting to be out of work for at least a year, you are more than likely entitled to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. Many injuries and illnesses may require medical documentation and testimony of the condition.

The amount that you are entitled to receive in Social Security disability benefits depends on several factors. One primary factor is how much you have typically earned on average throughout your lifetime. Each job that you have had in which your paycheck was subject to Social Security taxes helps to determine the amount you can receive in disability benefits. The total and end calculation is determined on many different calculations and this amount can be increased by how much you have given in Social Security taxes.

Qualifying for Benefits

If you do not have health insurance and have had to pay for all medical care out-of-pocket, it will probably me more difficult to qualify for benefits. For this reason, an attorney from our firm can help you apply for Social Security Disability benefits. The calculations are not made based on the severity of your injury or illness, but inflation and the cost of living will be taken into consideration. Without the help of a legal professional, it is a possibility that your claim can be denied. More than 50% of all claims are disapproved, and this is not a risk worth taking.

The SSA has provided a substantial list of medical conditions that qualify that individual to receive Social Security disability benefits. For those whose condition is not on this list, they may still be able to apply and receive benefits, especially with the help of a qualified lawyer. If you are experiencing hardship as a result of your disability, it is important to take immediate action to determine what you may be entitled to after your illness or injury has taken you away from work.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the benefits through Social Security disability, the government also provides benefits through Social Security Income. This has different eligibility requirements that also need to be met. The application process can seem daunting and you may be afraid of making a mistake that can cost you benefits. If this is the case, contact our firm for informative assistance. Contact our firm for further assistance!

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